May 2014

17 May 2014

Wiring up a new harness

In case of a first project, everything is absulutely new and you have to deal with problems that you’ve never been familiar with. If it comes to my project, I came to the point which seemed to be a night walk through the forest with my eyes closed. Wiring from scratch – what a task! – Read More-

11 May 2014

Barn find – Honda CM125

I spent some time in my parents house last weekend and that’s what I’ve found – old, forgotten Honda CM125. A bit dusty, a bit incomplete and for sure lacking style. I’ve decided not to sell it (am I crazy?) but rather give this motorcycle some time and attention that it needs. What could I – Read More-

1 May 2014

Biltwell helmet has just arrived

It’s 1st of May, great sunny weather around and finally, because of national holiday, it’s a day off work. Package that I’ve been waiting for has just arrived. I was looking for a brand new helmet that would have a bit of history in it – a vintage, racing look. I think that Biltwell Gringo – Read More-