2 February 2015

Keep the dream alive

 Photoshoots Mateusz Dąbrowski Share the post “Keep the dream alive” FacebookGoogle+PinterestE-mail

28 August 2014

Summer trippin

I must start by apologizing for poor activity during the summer. I’ve been gone a few weeks. From now I’ll try to make up that lost time. Today I come with memories from trips.Croatian coast showed my all their faces, beautiful views, challenging mountains roads and sunsets with local beer.Yamaha XVS  V-star checked of like – Read More-

19 October 2013

It’s almost winter

  A homage to all craftspeople who spend their winters tucked inside their workshops waiting for better weather. Brought to you by:  Cast & Salvage /// Directed by:  Andrew David Watson /// Music by:  Huma-Huma /// Radio Voice Over by: Blake Delong Share the post “It’s almost winter” FacebookGoogle+PinterestE-mail

6 September 2013

Lazy sunny sunday

We spent one of the last warm Sunday  of this year on oldtimers market. Share the post “Lazy sunny sunday” FacebookGoogle+PinterestE-mail