2 February 2015

Keep the dream alive

 Photoshoots Mateusz Dąbrowski Share the post “Keep the dream alive” FacebookGoogle+PinterestE-mail

17 May 2014

Wiring up a new harness

In case of a first project, everything is absulutely new and you have to deal with problems that you’ve never been familiar with. If it comes to my project, I came to the point which seemed to be a night walk through the forest with my eyes closed. Wiring from scratch – what a task! – Read More-

23 March 2014

Electric fan conversion

I thought, we didn’t need to move that much air, at least most of the time so .. I decided to convert fan to electric one. I hope it will work efficient. Engine should run more freely     Share the post “Electric fan conversion” FacebookGoogle+PinterestE-mail

16 February 2014

CX500 is just waiting for the first spring

Winter in Poland was supposed to be cold, windy and extremely snowy… Somehow it occurred that it was sunny, pretty hot and (what is extremely weird) absolutely without snow. I had a dream of building my bike on the snowy nights, with my little lamp on, with a small heater on… just like on the – Read More-

18 November 2013


Our plans began to take shape. New clip on handlebars assembled to our CX500   Share the post “Handlebars” FacebookGoogle+PinterestE-mail

2 November 2013

Battery box

I’ve changed my mind and moved battery under engine. Honda cx 500 Share the post “Battery box” FacebookGoogle+PinterestE-mail