28 August 2014

Summer trippin

I must start by apologizing for poor activity during the summer. I’ve been gone a few weeks. From now I’ll try to make up that lost time. Today I come with memories from trips.Croatian coast showed my all their faces, beautiful views, challenging mountains roads and sunsets with local beer.Yamaha XVS  V-star checked of like – Read More-

29 January 2014

Brakes are for cowards

After short new year break, we returned to workshop. Cx has got new brake discs from EuroSport spec. Now it’s time for new callipers.   Share the post “Brakes are for cowards” FacebookGoogle+PinterestE-mail

23 December 2013

Welding equipment

I get new welding devices from Santa. I have a lot of work to do with my welding skills. Stay tuned.   Share the post “Welding equipment” FacebookGoogle+PinterestE-mail